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The Foundation is a community-based organization. Our work, day in and day out, is focused on the well-being of community. This includes a commitment to maintaining a clean and safe environment for staff, guests, volunteers, students, and all who join to support us through events like the Cider Swig. As part of this commitment, we have rigorous standards for sanitation and cleaning.

This includes:

  • Providing easily accessible sanitation products for volunteers and vendors to clean their spaces, tables, equipment, and other items

  • Easy access to hand sanitizer and/or hand washing stations in customer areas

  • Quick and efficient response to spills and trash collection

  • Frequent sanitization of working spaces, particularly ticketing areas, iPads, electronic pin pads, cash drawers, and other areas contacted by customers, volunteers, and vendors

  • Any high-touch areas, games, etc. will be sanitized frequently


The Cider Swig will continue to follow CDC commendations regarding general health and safety concerns. We will not ask guests vaccination status, but do kindly ask that anyone who is not vaccinated consider wearing a mask while not eating or swiggin’.

We will continue to monitor public health situations and guidelines, in order to make thoughtful timely decisions based on guidance from our community partners and health agencies.


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